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I started as a contractor for Growers Network and built the pre-launch beta sign-up for the foundation of the website – a private-only growers forum that would be able to scale and grow with the company during its first operational year. After the first year, I was hired full time by Growershouse, the parent company, with 50% of my time allocated to the rebuild of the New Growers Network website to position it as the leading content producer for the cannabis industry. As well as serving as the Art Director for their Youtube Series Cannacribs, which became the first series ever to be added to High Times Video Service. Since starting, the Forum has grown from 50 to 6,000 members and our Youtube Series has hit 6 million views globally and has featured farms across the USA and plans to go international for season 2.

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Creating an Empire

The biggest need for a rebrand during the company’s second year was its slow pivot to producing content for cannabis customers instead of being strictly B2B. America was seeing a rise in states legalizing medicinal and recreational cannabis as cannabis becomes destigmatized in national media. We wanted to be first to market as the educational and media hub for the next generation of growers using the partnerships we developed in the first year.

The problem with the previous branding is that it was based on the old notions of not openly embracing the cannabis culture. Today, the Scooby-Doo Stoner’s of the past had been replaced with the ideas of young millionaire entrepreneurs, medical miracles and an underdeveloped economic juggernaut.

The secondary problem was the relationship between GrowersHouse, GrowersNetwork and CannaCribs were changing and the companies were headed toward a merger that would be completed by my third year to become known as GrowersGroup. I realized these three distinct brands would never be able to co-exist with such decisively different identities. To achieve this I set up a year-long endeavor to slowly merge the brand identities into one core set of assets. By doing this we would be able to rearrange the assets to suit the needs of all three companies while not creating a clash of identity on shared marketing endeavors.

The Application and Results

First I took several tours of Arizona Growing Operations and got to know the people interacting with the plant. As a team, we consolidated customer feedback, interviews with our closest customers and researched successful and disruptive identities in the industry. With this information, we created some designs to test our hypothesis and ran different AB Testing on the homepage, emails, and various B2B sales documents.

The Results of the testing could be simplified to; bold, fun and smart. We chose a new Green and then I created a series of different color palettes using the green. I ran another rounds of tests and research determining that a gradient shift from Green -> Blue -> Purple, created a friendlier and more modern type treatment and also updated the UI was resulted in customers, clients, and industry leaders to praise the new look. Using the results we gave each company a distinct color from the pallet that was selected. We defined GrowersHouse as Green, GrowersNetwork was teal and CannaCribs was purple. The purple would become stable in all three brands as they continued to grow together.

This is our flagship series featured on Apple TV, High Times, and Youtube. Inspired by MTV Cribs, Cannacribs wants to deep dive into Cannabis Grow Ops in an inspiring documentary-style web series.

Deep Roots in our latest series talking about Cannabis inspired culture around America. Our Premier episode explores the culture shift cannabis culture becoming mainstream






User Forum
Organic growth user forum went from 100 beta members to 6000 members.
Growers University

Launched Growers University in early 2019. Cannabis Celebrity Ed Rosenthal “THE GURU OF GANJA” joined to add his expertise to our educational seminars.


Number one ranked show on Youtube when searching Cannabis. CannaCribs is the anchor show to several series such as Deep Roots with a new show “Infused Dinner” starting in 2020.

Resource Database

Created several growing resource databases for common pests, jobs, education and industry data analysis.

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Andrew was in charge of creating and implementing our brand strategy at Growers Network and Canna Cribs. He helped us launch our initial forum and grow our online brand presence into a globally recognized resource for cannabis growers. Along the way, Mr. Lucas was paramount in helping us secure partnerships with several notable companies, such as High Times.

Nick MorinCEO of Growers Network and Canna Cribs