TruPotency is a curated online retailer and resource focusing on hemp-based CBD and cannabinoid products to allow consumers to make informed decisions. At TruPotency, we raise the bar by using science to define the benefits of CBD and cannabinoid products to transition the conversation away from anecdotal success stories, consumer confusion, and exclusivity. Our mission has always been to enable consumers to purchase the highest quality, legal cannabinoid-based products with complete confidence by setting a new standard of testing and research that ensures purity, potency, and transparency.



  • Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Website Design
  • Social Media
  • PR Campaign

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700+ products submitted, 300 tested, 60 approved

Demographics &  Voice

Trupotency was created around the problem if there are a thousand new CBD companies a year how can you figure out which one to trust. Every CBD company does some sort of informed testing but never publish the results. Trupotency takes the data to the consumer by independently testing each product to make sure the consumer can guarantee that what’s in their CBD is really CBD.

We broke down scientific and marketing studies to determine the problem customers face and created a mock-up of every current CBD site that’s getting major traffic. We then sampled existing sites and created a visualization of color, typography, and words that appeared on every site.


We decided that we wanted Trupotency to be the most trusted and easy to understand system for choosing your CBD. We also looked at leading product comparison aggregators and reviewers and determined Trupontecy’s value would include real lab reports and visualizations in clear simple text.

Digital Brands need to be simple and direct and far less nuanced than brands that exist as products or print. The solution was to use the star as the most commonly understood online tool to rate and review products. The color palette was inspired by holistic medicine packaging that was influenced by consumers’ feelings that CBD is a more organic and healthy solution than conventional medicine. Trupotency needed an identity that would stand out from its competitors to prepare for a month-long PR push after the beta was launched.

E-Commerce Strategy

The website took inspiration from the brand and used a typographic palette designed around the UI of the site. Sans-Serif was used for the UI components as well as the headlines and serif was used for the copy. We made the rating system, icons, and graphs the core of the site. Then using focus groups to explore several different placements and layouts before determining the final layout which will be progressively updated as we prepare for the Alpha launch.

Bell flower


Before Dawn


Porcelain Glaze




Art Direction



Real Testing
Every Product has a linked lab report and analysis and data visualization
Guides and Articles

Top recommended articles of products give customers choice and insight optimized for Google featured snippets

Icon Information System

Created an icon system tied to product view and ratings showing the top 3 recommended uses

Visual Data

Breaking the lab results into simple graphs and diagrams for people looking for simplified results that are easily comparable